A random walk on CRAN

by Danielle Navarro, 27 Apr 2018

One of my goals this year was to broaden my horizons, programming-wise. So far, I’ve been really happy with my progress!

So, yes … a pretty good start! When I list all the things like that, I’m kind of amazed at how far I’ve gotten this year.

But there’s always more to learn, and I really want to keep in the habit of learning new things. And with that in mind, I’m going to try something new and even more terrifying: twitter. Specifically, I’m going to try the #100DaysOfCode challenge, with a kind of silly goal: every day I’m going to pick a new R package, play around with it, try to make sense of how it works, write a (probably short) blog post about my experience playing around with it, and tweet about it because apparently that’s what all the cool kids do these days. All the posts that I wrote for this are linked to under the “100 days of CRAN” tag.