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A random walk on CRAN

One of my goals this year was to broaden my horizons, programming-wise. So far, I’ve been really happy with my progress!

  • At the start of the year I taught myself the basics of generating nice R Markdown websites, and used this to move a lot of my old statistics lecture notes into a more accessible format.
  • I learned the basics of Shiny applications, enough that I could build a basic psychology experiment in Shiny (see here and here).
  • I started teaching myself bootstrap for international women’s day which then let me move my lab website into a format that I’m much happier with.
  • I taught myself the basics of the imager package (producing some new pretty pictures for the lab gallery).
  • I’ve worked a bit on my javascript skills (and learned some jsPsych in the process).
  • I took a short course on Python programming that covered pandas and seaborn, and happened to expose me to jupyter notebooks. This gave me enough courage to tinker a little with the server side of the Google App Engine apps that I’ve been using blindly when hosting my sites.
  • I’ve started familiarising myself with JASP, though admittedly that’s not really programming!
  • I’ve also toyed around with the twitteR package in R, the animate package, the rgl package, and the googleComputeEngineR package.
  • I had to learn some blogdown to set up the Sydney R-Ladies blog.
  • Oh, and just for fun I’ve played around with the turtleGraphics, cowsay, and fortunes packages.

So, yes … a pretty good start! When I list all the things like that, I’m kind of amazed at how far I’ve gotten this year.

But there’s always more to learn, and I really want to keep in the habit of learning new things. And with that in mind, I’m going to try something new and even more terrifying: twitter. Specifically, I’m going to try the #100DaysOfCode challenge, with a kind of silly goal: every day I’m going to pick a new R package, play around with it, try to make sense of how it works, write a (probably short) blog post about my experience playing around with it, and tweet about it because apparently that’s what all the cool kids do these days.

I’ll link to all the resulting posts on this page.

  • Day 1: Tempting fate with blogdown
  • Day 2: Partying 🎉 with emo-ji 💃
  • Day 3: Into the shallows of deep learning with h2o
  • Day 4: On pipes and laundry, with magrittr
  • Day 5: Gorgeous interactive maps with leaflet
  • Day 6: Making dates slightly less annoying with lubridate
  • Day 7: I ran out of time so here is the meme package!
  • Day 8: Set your default to prettiness 😄
  • Day 9: I have mixed feelings about lsr
  • Day 10: The rtweet package is fun!
  • Day 11: stringr and janeaustenr play together
  • Day 12: getting started with stan
  • Day 13: I am doubting my commitment to sparkline
  • Day 14: Silliness with gaussfacts
  • Day 15: Lovely pictures with mathart
  • Day 16-17: Fun with purrr and The Princess Bride
  • Day 18-19: The RefManageR package
  • Day 20-21: Adding cat gifs to plots using magick 🧙‍♀️
  • Day 22-23: Non-standard evaluation
  • Day 24-25: Preventing 💻 🔥 with the home package
  • Day 26-27: Through the looking glass with pryr
  • Day 28: The fcuk package
  • Day 29-30: The plumber package
  • Day 31-34: Building a shiny app, with some help from shinyjs, rdrop2 and sn
  • Day 35: Mixing scico with programming errors to make probabilistic artwork
  • Day 36-37: Explaining models with dalex
  • Day 38: Algorithmic complexity with acss
  • Day 39-46: Useful pictures with ggstatsplot
  • Day 47-50: Using paletter to create palettes from images
  • Day 51-52: Pretty tables with kableExtra
  • Day 53-54: Wasting time in the rcade
  • Day 55-62: The boring bits
  • Day 63-66: Simple data summaries with skimr
  • Day 67-81: Getting started with Rcpp
  • Day 82-94: Some thoughts on workflow
  • Day 95-98: The keypress package
Danielle Navarro
Associate Professor of Cognitive Science