Colloquium FAQ

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Notes for hosts

  • Want to invite a speaker? Great! Get in touch with Dani!
  • There is no fixed budget for the colloquium series, though we usually cover domestic flights and a nights accommodation. It’s generally a good idea to check with the organiser though!
  • If you are taking the speaker to dinner, we generally cover reasonable expenses.
  • Organising the dinner, introducing speakers and arranging meetings is the hosts role.

Advertising to the School

The mailouts are generally sent by the colloquium organiser (though obviously this is not a hard and fast rule!), and I generally send one on the Monday prior, with a reminder on Friday morning – so please send the abstract/title to me before then! I send the emails to the following lists:

  • #SCI PSY All Staff
  • #SCI PSY PhD Students
  • #SCI PSY Research Assistants
  • #SCI PSY Masters Students.

That seems to catch most people. I generally also CC the host to make it a little easier for people to get in touch. Shanta manages the lists, so if changes need making I can get in touch with him.

Advertising to the Faculty / University

It can also be useful advertise outside the School. This does require more effort from the speaker (e.g., provide images of the subject matter, different details), but if we do that then the event appears as rather nice-looking page like the ones we had for Liz Pellicano and Ian Penton-Voak. Eventually we should be able to submit the event directly to the Faculty website here, but I’m told it’s a little unreliable right now. A better bet is to email the information directly to Sarah Stride. If you get it submitted early enough, it will appear in the fortnightly Science Seminar Bulletin. Even if you don’t get it in early enough, just let me know that you’ve submitted it and I can link to it from the School colloquium page. The information we need to include seems a bit much, but if we don’t have it they won’t post it:

  • Short title (~8 words; for faculty / university)
  • Full length title (for school)
  • Speaker (name and title)
  • Affiliation (for school)
  • Time (usually 1pm-2pm)
  • Date
  • Location (usually Matthews 1616)
  • Host school (i.e. Psychology)
  • Contact person (i.e., name of host)
  • Contact email (i.e., of host)
  • Long description (full abstract; for faculty & school)
  • Short description (~20 words, for university)
  • Speaker biography (for faculty & university, written in 3rd person)
  • Image (of subject matter, not speaker; at least 600 pixels wide x 335 pixels high)

Handling the expenditure

Arranging flights/accommodation is relatively straightforward. What I’ve been suggesting in most cases is that we do this through one of the University approved travel providers in the usual way. Kayoko can approve the expenditure against a school credit card - if you need an audit trail to show that yes the colloquium organiser has actually schedule the talk then CC me on the email. Currently, STA Travel and Anywhere Travel have our details on file, so they may be the easiest to use:

  • STA Travel: Email: Tel: 02 9080 1740.
  • Anywhere Travel: Email: Tel: 1 300 130 464

Room bookings

Booking the room for the “in session” talks is handled by the colloquium organiser; for “out of session” talks, it’s up the host to find a room. That being said, I usually try to help out there if necessary. For 2018, we have a standing booking for 1616 in the colloquium slot. It’s a two hour booking: starts half an hour before the talk (because the room needs setting up) and ends half an hour after (because talks run over or people like to chat).

If you need to book a room, Camilla can handle bookings for room 1616. If that is unavailable, another possibility is the Climate Change seminar room (room 475). Linda generally knows who to talk to with regards to 475.

Danielle Navarro
Associate Professor of Cognitive Science