UNSW Psychology Colloquia

The School of Psychology colloquium series for 2018 is generally held on Fridays at 1pm in room 1616 of the Matthews building, with exceptions for out of session talks as noted below. If you have questions about the colloquium or want to invite a speaker please contact Dani Navarro. Also see the FAQ page.

Semester 2, 2018

Date Speaker Host When & Where Title
20 Jul Jaclyn Broadbent, Deakin University Jacquelyn Cranney 1pm Matthews 1616 Employing digital technologies to enhance teaching in large classes
(Wed) 25 Jul Nicola Bruno, University of Parma Branka Spehar 12pm Matthews 1616 Relational processing of size in perception and action
27 Jul no speaker
3 Aug Nathan Weber, Flinders University Richard Kemp 1pm, Matthews 1616 What you don’t know can help: An explicit don’t know option improves eyewitness identification evidence
10 Aug Farshad Mansouri, Monash Laura Bradfield 1pm, Matthews 1616 The role of prefrontal cortex in cognitive flexibility and control of goal-directed behaviour
31 Aug Wear it Purple Day event
7 Sep Stephanie Goodhew and Mark Edwards, ANU Steve Most 1pm Matthews 1616 The breadth of visual attention: Function and flexibility
14 Sep Tim Bredy, University of Queensland Kelly Clemens 1pm Matthews 1616 DNA modifications in the extinction of conditioned fear
(Thu) 20 Sep Vicki Bruce, Newcastle University Alice Towler 1pm, Matthews 1616 Helping the police with their enquiries… the case of face recognition.
21 Sep Jonathan Love Chris Donkin 1pm Matthews 1616 jamovi – What statistical software is like, after SPSS
(Tue) 25 Sep Sue Frantz Jacky Cranney 4pm, CLB2 Technology for academics: Essential tools 2018
(Wed) 26 Sep Doug Granger Eva Kimonis 2pm, Matthews 1616 A curious case of salivary bioscience: A very sticky story
28 Sep teaching recess
5 Oct Tony Machin, University of Southern Queensland Jacquelyn Cranney 1pm Matthews 1616 Using SDT as the basis for designing autonomy supportive learning environments and workplaces.
12 Oct Stefan Bode, University of Melbourne Ben Newell 1pm Matthews 1616 The neural coding of decision-relevant information in the human brain
19 Oct Wolf Villalta Eva Kimonis 1pm Matthews 1616 Maximising scholarly reach for citation impact presentation
(Tues) 23 Oct Clare Sutherland, University of Western Australia David White 1pm, Matthews 1616 First impressions
(Mon) 29 Oct Stian Reimers, City University London Mike Le Pelley 1pm Matthews 1616 Costly spatial preferences in strategic games: Battleships and Lotteries
(Wed) 21 Nov Brandon Schmeichel, Texas A&M Eddie Harmon-Jones 2pm Climate Change (Matthews 475) Is ego depletion dead? Moving beyond the resource model of self-control

Trimester 1 2019 (??)

Date Speaker Host When & Where Title
9 Feb Marta Garrido J. Bertran-Gonzalez ??? The insight of blindsight

Danielle Navarro
Associate Professor of Cognitive Science