Academic research

How do people acquire new knowledge? How do we reason about the world? My scientific work in this area uses a mix of computational modelling and experimental work to explore these questions. I also write about research methods. What is the relationship between scientific and statistical inferences? How should researchers choose between competing theoretical models? My work also explores these ideas.

If mathematical psychology did not exist we might need to invent it: A comment on theory building in psychology

Between the devil and the deep blue sea: Tensions between scientific judgement and statistical model selection

None of the above: A Bayesian account of the detection of novel categories

Bayesian models of cognition revisited: Setting optimality aside and letting data drive psychological theory


I have several R packages and other software at varying stages of development:


ASCII art from images


Bootstrap 4 cards in R markdown


A simple hugo theme for R users


Generative art in R


Write jsPsych experiments in R


LGBTIQ flags and hex stickers

Texts and tutorials

One of my joys in life is writing tutorial articles and technical documentation for open source projects. In addition to writing the surprisingly successful learning statistics with R textbook, I’m currently collaborating with Hadley Wickham and Thomas Lin Pederson to write a third edition of the ggplot2 book. I am also weirdly passionate about creating accessible data science tutorials that I post on my youtube channel, and making my data science course materials open and freely available to the general public. In addition, I sometimes include tutorials and explainers on my blog.

R-Ladies Sydney

R-Ladies is a worldwide organisation that promotes gender diversity within the R community. The organisation is explicitly LGBTIQ friendly and aims provide support across the entire spectrum of roles whether as leaders, package developers, conference speakers, conference participants, educators, or users. In collaboration with Jen Richmond, Lisa Williams, Steph Stammel I co-founded R-Ladies Sydney in 2018, and it’s been one of the most rewarding professional activities I’ve ever been involved in.

Editorial Roles

I have held editorial positions one of the top scientific journals (Science) and one of the top journals in psychology (Psychological Review). In addition I have served as an associate editor at three top journals in cognitive science and cognitive psychology: Cognitive Science, Behavior Research Methods, and Open Mind.