Day 95-98: Press any key

I’m getting to the very end of this package tryout exercise, and I suspect this will be the last post (other than perhaps a wrap up on Friday). It’s been a mildly annoying morning: I’ve done something to my foot, I’ve been awake since 4am, and somehow my twitter feed was full of people talking about Jordan Peterson 😒 Sigh. I probably should have just blocked or muted everyone talking about him rather than engage, but what’s done is done and I’d like to enjoy the rest of my morning.

Day 2: This is serious, mum - the emo package

Yesterday’s effort with blogdown has worn me down. I cannot handle another one of those. Plus, my five year old daughter wants to play a game with me. Time to kill two birds with one stone, by exploring… THE EMO PACKAGE!!! Okay! I am excited. This looks like 🎉. It looks like 🎂 and like 🎈. I feel like 💃. I take a quick look at some of the documentation, install the package from the github repository…