Days 26-27: Expressions

A few days ago I postedabout my first attempt to understand metaprogramming in R, trying to wrap my head around non-standard evaluation with the help of Hadley Wickham’s Advanced R book. That was a lot of fun. This time around, it’s the expressions section – well the first half of it anyway 😀 – and an attempt to go through the looking glass and understand what is going on internally with R expressions.

Days 22-23: Meddling in the affairs of wizards

For the longest time I have been terrified of working with some of the low level features of R. So very often I would have been digging around by myself in the documentation - back when I started I don’t think there was an #rstats twitter community, I didn’t have anyone else around me using R, and I found the R mailing lists pretty intimidating because, well, a lot of the comments felt, um, slightly less than welcoming shall we say?