Thoughts on participation

As my teaching for this terribly full semester starts to wind down1 I’ve been thinking a little about what it means to be a good participant in a group discussion. This isn’t a fully developed blog post, so much as a few thoughts that at some point I’ll develop into a guide for students… Your voice matters! Very often I encounter students who are quiet, thoughtful and tend not to speak much.

Day 55-62: R: The Boring Bits

It’s been a little longer than usual between posts. I’ve been extremely busy with work, and if you’ll excuse me taking a moment to celebrate achievements I’m really pleased with how it’s been going lately: I’ve wrapped up a few projects and submitted four preprints to PsyArXiv in the last month - here, here, here and here - so yay me! 🎉 It’s always nice to take a moment to celebrate when things actually seem to be going okay.