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So, I was going to write a post about the Rcade package, but then I got sidetracked playing Pacman for some reason…


Today’s post is prompted by a real life situation. The R-Ladies Sydney launch event will happen in a few days time, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people signing up. We opened up 75 spaces on the meetup page to fit the capacity of the venue, and not only did we fill it up there are people waitlisted too. Yaaaay! But also, eek! Lots of people means that it might be hard for people to meet and talk and get to know their fellow R-Ladies.


Okay! It’s a Thursday evening. Solo parenting is over. My partner is back in town. The kids are in bed. Tina Turner is playing over the wireless. I’m the last one awake. Time for an R post, because that’s just the kind of girl I am. As usual, my inspiration is the wonderful #rstats twitter community, and today’s discovery was prompted by this very fun tweet by Natalie Pilakouta: It's conference season!


This series of posts has been on hold for the last few days because I’ve been solo parenting and had a few deadlines at work. I have no idea how single parents cope. It’s not like this is my first time at the rodeo, of course - probably the roughest solo parenting exercise was living out of the back of a RAV4 with two kids while trying to sell a house and move across the country (that one was tricky) - but every time my partner is gone for more than a few days I start to notice the extra workload, and all the optional things like writing blog posts or taking a shower tend to get put on hold.


I’ve had an interest in Kolmogorov complexity for a long time, ever since I was first introduced to the minimum description length principle through the work of Peter Grünwald and Jorma Rissanen. The idea is deceptively simple. The inherent complexity of any given string is the length of the shortest program that is guaranteed to produce that string and then stop. So for instance, a string like this abbabbabbabbabbabbabbabbabbabb" can be produced with a very short R program:



Quit plan

Sketch of plan to quit alcohol

Bayesian rain

This started out as an attempt to mimic Tom Griffiths’ lab logo using ASCII characters rather than MNIST digits, as a way of teaching myself the imager package, and then it got a little silly.

CompCogSci Sydney

Home page for my lab

R-Ladies Sydney

The R-Ladies Sydney chapter is committed to improving the representation of minority genders in the R community

UNSW Psychology Colloquia 2018

Schedule of speakers for the 2018 colloquium series at UNSW psychology

UNSW women in psychological science

I maintain the website for UNSW women in psych, which we set up for International Women’s Day 2018.

Gender Identity

Sometimes people like it if I explain :-)

Transgender notes

Out of necessity, I read some academic papers on transgender issues. It’s not related to my research or teaching, so I keep my notes tucked away on a separate site.