About me

Hi there! I’m Danielle Navarro. I’m a data scientist, generative artist, and a recovering academic living in Sydney with my two kids and a Netflix subscription. Once upon a time I was a mathematical psychologist. After that I was developer advocate and occasional software engineer. I’ve sometimes been accused of being a statistician.

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A little potted history of my career path. After getting my Ph.D. in mathematical psychology in 2003, I held tenured academic positions at the University of Adelaide (2006-2015) and then the University of New South Wales (2016-2021). My academic work was a mix of quantitative psychology, statistics, and data science, and like most such positions mine involved a mix of research, teaching, and managerial responsibilities. In 2022 I moved into an industry-based role at Voltron Data, where I held a developer advocate position focusing on analytics and larger-than-memory data workflows. For reasons that absolutely made sense to me at the time, I followed that with another career pivot, this time into more statistics-focused roles. Starting in mid-2023, I’ve taken up a pharmacometrics position at Certara.